The differences and advantages of Demodex Complex cosmetic anti-demodectic products It is a unique series of anti-demodectic medicines based on plant-based acaricides (mite killers). It contains no chemical acaricides that may harm the skin.

It can completely heal the skin, return its natural beauty, recover the lost protective functions of the skin, the most of important of which is the ability to fight repeated demodectic attacks. It can be applied for all forms of the disease: light, moderate or severe.

Prototypes of the complex have proved to be the best medicines in the industry; the colossal consumer demand and the high expert appraisals of specialists is solid evidence of their efficacy and quality.

All medicines of the complex are compatible and some even form synergistic pairs.
Fast recovery of the skin using state-of-the-art technological achievements is valuable in itself and it creates an added positive psychotherapeutic effect as well.

With the inclusion of universal medicines, we obtain an extremely convenient complex for home application. It is both compact and complete, meaning it can resolve all problems that are characteristic for demodex.

Production of the complex uses pharmaceutical-quality raw materials in the best time frames.

All medicines are made by leading scientific production associations that specialize in anti-demodectic products.

All medicines are produced in accordance with quality and safety standards for cosmetic treatment products.

They are developed and produced on a scientific and technological base that has proved its superior status many times over at major international forums and exhibitions.

Based on the results of statistical research at the [Hong Kong International Fair], there is a high demand worldwide for high-quality, natural anti-demodectic products.

The Demodex Complex is designed to satisfy the growing demand outside China.

Company Plans. Successful research has been conducted on the accelerated liquidation of specific cosmetic defects at the final stage of the skin’s recovery after demodex. The products are planned for release after standard certification procedures have been completed.