Highly effective professional treatment of demodecosis of all degrees.


Professional treatment of demodecosis. Fast recover of the natural condition and protective properties of the skin.


Natural cosmetics to protect your skin against demodex mites.

Demodex Complex Products

  • Night cream against demodex mites

    Highly effective for domestic and professional treatment of demodecosis of all degrees. The recovery rate of patients with demodecosis is almost 100%.

  • Shampoo against demodex mites

    A professional treatment to rid the hair of demodecosis and prevent its return. 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, actively destroying demodex mites.

  • Morning cream against demodex

    Professional treatment of demodecosis. Fast recover of the natural condition and protective properties of the skin. Only 100% natural ingredients.

  • Tonic 24 hours of protection

    Forms an invisible, protective, anti-demodectic film on the surface of the skin, which allows the skin to breathe. It nourishes the skin and stimulates the immune system.


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Demodex Complex

Demodex Complex is a new anti-demodectic cosmetic treatment on plant-based acaricides (mite killers). It is designed to help people resolve all problems covered under the word Demodex, faster and with greater quality and reliability. This means that those, who use our complex gain a wonderful opportunity to eradicate all the main symptoms of demodecosis and its consequences, such as:

  • completely eradicate Demodex mites;
  • restore structural damage to the skin, caused by heightened activity of mites;
  • liquidate increased greasiness of the skin;
  • eliminate acne, including acne rosacea, purulous large and painful spots, pimples and distinctive small pustules;
  • eliminate small whisker-like redness beneath the nose, redness and puffiness around the lips and, especially, the corners of the mouth. Red itchy spots on the face, a distinctive red demodectic triangle: nose, nasolabial folds and chin;
  • close enlarged pores;
  • restore damage to facial muscles. Return the lost beauty of a natural smile;
  • eliminate roughness of the skin, including distinctive, hard lumps;
  • eliminate erythematic spots and general increased redness of the skin;
  • eliminate itchiness of the skin on the face and head;
  • return the skin its natural appearance and beauty;
  • restore the protective functions of the skin, including its ability to fight repeated demodectic attacks unassisted.

The inclusion of plant-based acaricides in any anti-demodectic medicine is a sign of a high scientific and technological level. Decades have been devoted to the creation of such medicines. The first successful results were obtained in the early 21st century by joint Chinese and American hi-tech companies. The key advantage of these treatments, for which they were developed so laboriously, is the ability to return the skin's lost protective functions, the most important of which was the ability to fight repeated demodectic attacks. In other words, these are the first medicines that are able to cure chronic demodecosis. Other medicines cannot achieve this because they use chemical acaricides to destroy the mites, which are harmful to the skin. These chemical acaricides destroy the mites, but they cause irreparable damage to the skin at the same time. Several months down the line, demodecosis will return and people are forced to seek help once more to treat a renewed attack.

Demodex Complex does not simply feature in that honoured group of high-technology medicines; unlike many of them, it can not only combat light and moderate cases of demodecosis, but the more severe inflictions as well. As already mentioned, it acts faster than its precursors in restoring the protective functions of the skin, with greater quality and more reliability. What is most remarkable is that all these advantages are obtained not through some fundamental changes to the formula, the perfection of which has required years, rather by implementing new technological capabilities. First, this relates to technologies that increase the supply of active plant components to the places needed most by the sore skin. The second important aspect is the adjustment of ancillary cosmetics composition, designed to improve and accelerate the recovery of the first protective layers of the skin (the Marchionini Mantle and the lipid barrier). The third critical approach to improve the properties of the complex is to account for the compatibility and synergetic (enhancing) effect of its components. Technological improvements, designed to preserve the quality of Demodex Complex medicines during long-haul shipping by sea, transport by air and tests for resilience against subzero temperatures, have also been made.

Overall, comprehensive efforts have been directed to ensure the best anti-demodectic medicines, the leading position of which has been confirmed for decades at the largest international forums and exhibitions, are now available outside China.

Demodex Complex anti-demodectic cosmetic treatment means you can access state-of-the-art achievements of the oriental school of practical science and the latest western technologies for the comprehensive treatment of demodex in the comfort of your own home, wherever it may be.