Terms & Conditions for Our Distributors

We offer a new generation of anti-demodectic cosmetic treatment products, based on natural acaricide complexes. With its indisputable advantages over traditional products (based on chemical acaricides), it has completely captured the Chinese market. There is no doubt that millions of people have a need for these products outside China, too.

The task of Demodex Complex is to give people the opportunity to access the very best achievements in science and technology in the fight against demodex. This is a joint project of leading manufacturers, that has been perfected and rendered convenient for export deliveries. That said, we are aware that we may not have accounted for every specific feature, say, of the European consumers, given their traditions, theoretical views, skin type and so on. Therefore we hope to foster close collaboration with our dealers and take on board their valuable recommendations on improving the quality of one, several or all the products in the range.

For successful dealership operations we believe it important not only to have a thorough knowledge of one’s national markets, but also of the latest development theories in anti-demodectic products. We believe it particularly important to familiarise oneself with work performed on the aetiology of demodex and the demodex-acne and demodex-rosacea links. This is important both for initial advertising campaigns and in future, for qualified recommendations on how to use the products. On our part, we provide dealers with the following: a set of advertising materials, with a detailed description of the features and advantages of out products; an information block of theoretical substantiations an recommendations on using the products; our technique for statistical research of the market if anti-demodectic products; assistance in participation in the world-famous [Hong Kong International Fair]. Our dealers can also take part in the mutually beneficial financing of promising research developments, to satisfy growing consumer requirements with the subsequent receipt of products under favourable terms.

We are keen to expand our dealer network across the world. Offers have already been received and dealer agreements concluded with companies in the USA, France and Russia.