Demodex Complex is a unique project for the professional solution of problems of demodex, using a scientific (comprehensive) method in domestic conditions.

The entire product range is a complex of unique elements, all serving a principal objective: restoring the skin until it is able to resist demodex by itself. Thanks to the use of advanced scientific and technological achievements, every element in the complex addresses several tasks at once. Demodex Complex soap, for instance, in addition to the traditional function of cleansing the skin, also promotes a faster recover of the lipid protective layer. And it does this with harming the Marchionini barrier. Demodex Complex tonic, in addition to its regular functions, also forms a reliable protective layer against mites that penetrate at the skin’s active recovery stage.

Demodex Complex conditioner possesses a high synergistic effect in relation to the shampoo. Together they help to reduce even the most severe itchiness of the skin by several factors. Xinsheng and Kang creams have an excellent synergistic effect.

Millions of Chinese users have already attested to the superior quality of these products, made on a natural-acaricide basis. The Demodex Complex products are designed to render these wonderful results accessible to millions of people who need them, both in China and beyond. The pride of the developers lies in the actual creation of such an easy-to-use and compact complex that is able to resolve all problems that are associated with demodex. Issues of preserving the quality of the products over long-haul transportation and operation in a wide temperature range have not been overlooked either. And the design, of course, has been improved. Hong Kong is a place that brings together the best achievements of East and West, where tradition meets technology and amazing results can be achieved. And Demodex Complex users will certainly achieve amazing results!

Demodex Complex products are a unique series of anti-demodectic treatments using plant-based acaricides. They outperform all products that use chemical acaricides, because they destroy the mites without injuring the skin. Because it restores the skin and returns its natural, healthy and attractive appearance faster and better than chemical products that destroy the mites together with the healthy skin and then try to restore skin that has been damaged twice (by the mites and the chemistry). The advantages of this new series of products is indisputable. Its creation is the result of the best oriental traditions of the manufacture of plant-based complexes combined with the best western designers of anti-demodectic treatments, working as prescribed and with the involvement of the Hong Kong-based KANFU TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED.