toner demodex complex
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Expiration date 3 years
Net weight, g. 150 g
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Tonic 24 hours of protection

Demodex Complex Toner: 24 hours of protection from demodecosis. Demodex Complex Toner prevents demodex from appearing and reproducing for 24 hours! This is a high quality natural product that moisturises and protects your skin against demodecosis making it supple and helping it to breath, while also allowing the penetration of nutrients into every cell of your skin.

product type: toner.

purpose: facial.

when to use

Demodicosis, acne, pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, rosacea, purulent inflammation of the skin.

pharmacological action

1. Effectively reduces demodex and bacteria, protecting your skin from repeated reinfestation. 

2. Constricts pores.

3. Nourishes your skin with essential nutrients and minerals.
4. Maintains ideal water and oil balance, and natural pH-level (5.0 – 5.3).

5. The drug soaks into the lower skin layers, promoting faster and better absorption of Kang and Xinsheng Creams, reeducating the recovery period.
6. Activates the skin's own defenses.

7. Rejuvenating formula.


The toner contains exclusive anti-demodecosis plant extracts. Essential pharmacological components: triterpene saponins, vitamins B, C and E, minerals, glucoside gederin, inositol, tannins, formic and malic acids, carotene, phytoncides, flavonoids, pectin, iodine, etc. Comments from the specialists:
- Doesn’t’ contain alcohol!
- No chemical or hormone components.
- Does not clog pores.

how to use

Apply the toner in the mornings and evenings after cleansing skin and before applying Kang and Xinsheng Creams.

1. Cleanse skin with Demodex Complex Cosmetic Milk (or Demodex Complex soap).

2. Moisten a cotton pad with Demodex Complex balancing toner and carefully wipe face.

3. Apply Kang Cream (in the morning) or Xinsheng Cream (in the evening).

special instructions

All products in the Demodex Complex line are effective against demodecosis. Please do not use any other products against demodecosis during the course of the treatment, as they can weaken the effect of Demodex Complex high-quality natural cosmetics.

storage conditions

Keep in a dark place.