soap demodex complex
In stock Yes
Average consumption 1 unit/month
Course of treatment 3 months
Necessary for one course of treatment 3 units
Expiration date 3 years
Net weight, g. 100 g
Gross weight, g. 110 g

Anti-demodex face&body soap

Thorough cleansing before applying the cream is half of successful skin care. Use the soap every time you take a bath or shower. The soap contains natural plant ingredients, directly reducing demodex activity. Using the soap regularly helps ensure the rest of the family against infection.

product type: soap.

purpose: for face and body.

when to use

Itchy skin, dry and flaking skin, desquamation, red pustules on the chest and back, many other serious skin problems, caused by demodex.

pharmacological action

1. Destroys demodex mites and bacteria, the cause of the skin problem itself.

2. Controls excess sebum production.

3. Effectively cleanses oily skin, without clogging follicles.

4. Reduces impurities in lower skin layers.

5. Narrows pores.

6. Delicately peels top layer of the skin. 

7. Increases protective properties of the skin and stimulates the metabolism.

8. Effectively prevents development and risk of reinfection of rosacea, demodecosis, acne, grain itch, mycotic infection and other dermatological diseases and inflammatory processes caused by demodex.

9. Preventive measures against demodecosis, acne, teenage acne, etc., for all family members.


Natural plant extract (dragosantol, willow herb, stemonae root, epilobium angustifolium and many others), rich with vitamine A, vitamine E and fatty acids.

storage conditions

Keep in a dark dry place at room temperature.