demodex complex shampoo
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Expiration date 3 years
Net weight, g. 200 g
Gross weight, g. 220 g
Average consumption 1 bottle per 1 month

Shampoo against demodex mites

Demodex Complex uses only 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, actively destroying hypodermic demodex mites. The shampoo utilizes medicinal herbs to effectively reduce demodex. The product is enriched with nutrients to stimulate metabolism of the hair and scalp and maintain their health.

product type: shampoo.

purpose: hair care.

when to use

Demodecosis hair and scalp treatment, hair loss, itch, and dandruff.

pharmacological action

1. Effectively reduces demodex.

2. Prevents demodex mites from extracting all the nutrients from hair follicles.
3. Reduces hair dryness and fragility, and other symptoms of scalp demodecosis.
4. Protects against recurrence of demodex. 

5. Normalizes work of sebaceous glands reducing excess oil production.
6. Restores damaged hair follicles and hair structure.

7. Nourishes hair with micro elements and vitamins.

8. Makes hair roots strong, healthy and beautiful.


Natural cleansing active components.

how to use

1. Apply shampoo to damp hair.

2. Massage scalp slightly.

3. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

4. Rinse off with water.
 Good for daily hair care. 
Use it in combination with Demodex Complex conditioner for better results.

special instructions

1. Best results are achieved by using both Demodex Complex shampoo and conditioner.
2. If shampoo gets in eyes, flush immediately with plenty of clean water.

storage conditions

Keep in a dark place.