demodex complex kang cream
In stock Yes
Average consumption 1 unit/month
Course of treatment 3 months
Units necessary for one course of treatment 3 units
Expiration date 2 years
Net weight, g. 20 g
Gross weight, g. 75 g

Morning cream against demodex

Kang Cream is to be used in the morning, during the course of demodecosis treatment. It can also be used as part of a daily skincare routine by people with healthy skin that are disposed to demodecosis. The antioxidant action of this treatment visibly rejuvenates the skin. We use only 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts that actively destroy demodex mites under the skin.

product type: cream..

purpose: facial treatment for demodicosis..

when to use

Demodecosis (a skin disease caused by hypodermic mites demodex folliculorum and demodex brevis), acne, pimples, adolescent acne, red spots on a face, rosacea, sores, itching, flaking skin, oily skin, enlarged pores, clogged pores (blackheads), bumpy skin with an unhealthy complexion, etc. Its gentle texture makes it suitable to use on all skin types year round.

pharmacological action

1. Effectively controls the demodex mite population, creating unfavourable conditions for their reproduction.

2. Eliminates excess oil, controls sebum production, depriving demodex mites of their nutritional food source.

3. Has nutritional formula that deeply cleanses and considerably constricts pores.

4. Provides your skin with a maximum moisturising effect.

5. Revitalises and smooths your skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic.

6. Restores skin complexion and structure, tones your skin and refreshes it.

7. Antioxidant action fights free radicals that make skin look older.

8. Stimulates production of elastin and collagen that affect skin’s elasticity.

9. Provides skin with natural plant extracts.


The specially developed cream formula contains:

1. Plant extracts that kill demodex (dragosantol, japanese stemona, dahurian angelica, argimonia pilosa and many others).

2. Exclusive natural moisturising and nourishing ingredients that protect your skin from demodecosis (hyaluronic acid, vitamin Е, nectarean amino acid, polysaccharides, etc.)

how to use

Apply Kang cream in the morning after cleansing face.

1. Cleanse your skin with Demodex Complex wash gel (or Demodex Complex soap).

2. Moisten a cotton swab with Demodex Complex balancing toner and carefully wipe face.

3. Apply an adequate amount of Kang cream to the face and neck; gently massaging the skin with the tips of the fingers so that the cream is absorbed into the skin. More cream can be applied to the problem areas for improved results.

special instructions

All products in the Demodex Complex line are effective against demodecosis. Please do not use any other products against demodecosis during the course of the treatment, as they can weaken the effect of Demodex Complex high-quality natural cosmetics.

storage conditions

Keep in a dark place.