Face wash demodex complex
In stock yes
Average consumption 1 unit/month
Course of treatment 3 months
Necessary for one course of treatment 3 units
Expiration date 3 years
Net weight, g. 90 g.
Gross weight, g. 105 g.

Facial anti-demodex cleansing gel

Deep facial cleaning can significantly increase the effect of the subsequent application of creams. The gel, based on plant extracts, has a unique effect, not only destroying the mites on the surface of the hair follicles, but also by penetrating deep into the hair follicles themselves, killing subcutaneous mites deep inside and preventing the re-occurrence of Demodex. Advanced technologies used in the process of producing the gel preserve vitamins and high quality moisturisation.

product type: gel.

purpose: facial treatment for demodicosis.

when to use

Demodecosis, rosacea, acne, blackheads, oily skin, enlarged pores, itching. The product's natural pH level suits all skin types.

pharmacological action

1. Effectively fights demodecosis, acne, blackheads (especially those concentrated in the nasolabial area).

2. Soaks into lower skin levels, cleanses effectively, and reduces demodex and bacteria.

3. Peels dead skin cells.

4. Controls excess sebum production, effectively reducing skin oiliness.

5. Considerably narrows pores, without clogging them.

6. Saturates skin with necessary nourishing components and moisturises.

7. Stimulates the process of skin renewal.

8. Slows down the process of ageing.

9. Helps recover natural complexion.


Natural organic extracts reduce demodex safely and effectively (ginseng, flower nectar, extracts of deep-sea minerals and many others), vitamin E, and mountain spring water.

how to use

We recommend using it in the mornings and evenings before applying Kang medical creams (in the morning) and Xinsheng (in the evening). Special attention should be paid to cleansing face before going to bed, since demodex is most active at this time.

1. Flush face with warm water.

2. Squeeze about 3 cm of the gel into the middle of palm.

3. Add a small amount of water and make foam.

4. Gently massage face, and then rinse the gel off with water.